RISD Degree Project 2015
As our final project in Graphic Design we are each asked to create a 12-week research assignment that culminates in some final design object, be that a film, a book, a website or a myriad of outputs. 
For my degree project, I decided to compile and analyze the way that adoption, orphans and adoptees are portrayed on screen—mostly in feature films, documentaries, and television shows but also in video games and other media. 
The content that we see on screen has an incredible power to influence and reflect attitudes, mindsets, values, ideas of our culture. It was interesting me to see how, as a whole, the picture painted on screen of adoption, of who I am, was so negative, upholding hurtful stereotypes. 
For my final documentation, I put together a short film and a book to present my findings and how it impacted me and my understanding of myself.
Process work here: