Project: World AIDS Day 2014
Made for: (RED)
Role: Designer

World AIDS Day is (RED)'s biggest day of the year where we go out with our biggest activations and push for donations to the Global Fund. This year, my first World AIDS Day, I was able to work on a lot of the various campaigns we ran. 
Most notably, we launched Apps for (RED), where 25 apps turned (RED) where either through in-app purchases within the app and/or buying/downloading the app itself triggered a donation to the Global Fund. One of our apps, Over, which allows users to overlay graphics and text over their images offered us to create a (RED) branded pack, which I had the honor to design. To the right are some examples of how those assets were used. 
Additionally, I was able to design the branding for this year's BUY (RED) SAVE LIVES campaign which is our cohesive (RED) messaging during World AIDS Day and a collection of assets we give to our partners to message and drive sales for World AIDS Day.