national adoption month

25 november 2018


It’s november…

That means it is National Adoption Month. I’m a bit late to the ‘celebration’ but while I have a week or so left of November, I’m going to take this opportunity to get on my soapbox while I can and share some things: thoughts, feelings, stories, vents/rants, etc on what my experience has been being an adoptee. 

This month can get tend to get flooded with voices that predominately belong to adoptive parents, or adoption agencies or groups and not adoptees themselves. Each November gives us a chance to use our voices. 

In the days left of this month, I ask you to listen to the many stories and points of views on adoption, adoptee experiences and what it means to be a family and all that comes with it. 

Everything that I post here, are my thoughts and based on my experiences only. I do not represent all adoptees or adoptive families. I can only speak for myself from what it’s been like for me. I welcome any questions, thoughts, etc, don’t hesitate to shoot a DM this way. 

So, for starters here’s the gist of my ‘coming-to-america’ story: 

I was found beside a gate near a government building in a rural village in China called Xinghua. I was then brought to the Children’s Welfare Institute of Hefei where I was then in ‘foster care’ before coming back to the orphanage once it was determined that I would be adopted. When I traveled back to China in 2011, we found out I was found on September 2nd, meaning I was about 5 days old when I was found. 9 months later I would be adopted by an incredible woman from Brooklyn, New York who has always been an incredible support and encourager of me exploring my story. 

If you’ve made it through this post, thank you for reading and stay tuned for more to come! ❤️

First photo of Chu Xinping.png