Client: FWD, I Am An Immigrant
Year: 2018
Role: Designer
We were tasked with creating a logo and brand for a Valentine's Day campaign put on by and I Am An Immigrant. The campaign encouraged Americans to show their love and solidarity for immigrants around the country. 

From the campaign:

Immigrant communities of various statuses continue to face an uncertain future in America and it is now more important than ever to show them support. Beginning on Valentine’s Day spread the love to immigrant families, friends, and neighbors using the hashtag #ToImmigrantsWithLove.
#ToImmigrantsWithLove, encourages everyone in America to write letters of support online and in person. Demonstrate that our country stands with immigrants no matter what.
Above: Initial creative directions made by myself and Steven Bazarian

The chosen logo concept alludes to SMS texting bubbles, a modern / digital form of communication— as the campaign will be letters sent both digitally and traditional snail mail. In addition to the logo, we provided updates to the current identity system by introducing a new pair of typefaces and a few new graphic treatments that make the brand feel more human and approachable, while maintaining its modern digital appeal. 
Video: Created by FWD + I Am An Immigrant team
More on the campaign here: